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Welcome to Hopscotch Nursery, Kindergarten, day care & out of school clubs

“ Behold the child, by nature’s kindly law
pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw”

...Alexander Pope               

Welcome to Hopscotch where we care for children from six weeks to school age, as well as providing out of school care up to age 16 years. This age range enables us to look after whole families, which can be very convenient for parents. Our aim is to provide a safe, warm, loving and caring environment where your child can progress steadily through the various stages of development in the early formative years.

In the clubs we maintain the same ethos and ensure that the children enjoy what we have to offer, whether it is just to chill out after school, have breakfast, do their homework, go to football, participate in some of our activities or take part in our active holiday club.

We hope that you will come to see our extensive facilities and discuss your child's needs with our highly qualified staff. It is important in the interests of the child that a strong partnership develops between the parents and the carers.

Use the buttons above to take a tour of our facilities or to find out more detailed information about the different aspects of our care and education, our education policies, how we stimulate and monitor your child’s development or the exciting range of activities the children participate in when in our care. We have a policy of taking the children out as much as possible, particularly throughout the summer months, and you can read about the multitude of outings planned for our Holiday club.

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